Yet another training?

No, just a refresher of what you thought
you knew…

Yet another training? No, just a refresher of what you thought you knew… Knowledge fades quickly. 90% of it is no longer top of mind if you don’t use it for a week. We want to prevent that, right? In order to do so, we’ve developed the XLR Maintainer: an online platform that keeps knowledge in place and increases commitment. By providing your employees with information and asking them relevant questions every month, we help them keep their knowledge up-to-date. They benefit and so do you. Creating a successful organization has never been so easy.

Stay sharp on the job!

How it works

So how does the XLR Maintainer contribute to making your organization successful? It’s simple. Every month, your employees answer five questions covering knowledge and company information relevant to their specific roles. In this way, they manage to keep their knowledge at the desired level and your organization keeps achieving optimal performance. The XLR Maintainer can be customized in terms of content as well as look and feel, allowing you to create your own knowledge system. In order to help you make the most of the Maintainer, we provide you with access to extensive help options, tutorials and manuals. We will guide you step by step in creating the XLR Maintainer that best suits your organization.

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